Wolf Territories Grid 3D Virtual World | Total Second Live Equivalent Regions: 25720 | 1638400 km squared | Total Users 430 | Grid Status
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The Community Grid

Wolf Territories Grid is an OpenSim based Virtual World, but with a lot of differences, from it's huge size to advanced region controls.

Decisions in Wolf Grid are made by the community as a whole. This means we listen to each other and develop the grid to the needs of those who belong here.

Grid Address

Add to Viewer: http://wolf-grid.com:8002 (ctrl P, OpenSim)

Hop Address: hop://wolf-grid.com:8002:Wolf Mountain

System Status: https://status.wolfterritories.org/

Wolf Territories Grid is Owned by:

Garage Master Online Ltd
Figflex Oak House
Reeds Crescent
United Kingdom
WD24 4QP
Tel: (44) 0330 043 4382

Garage Master Online Limited Registered in the United Kingdom Company Number 13679809

Privacy Policies and Terms of Service (TOS) can be found Here
Contact: - email: lonewolf@wolfterritories.org - Telephone: (44) 0330 043 4382