Wolf Territories Grid 3D Virtual World | Total Land Area : 1189.888 sq km | Total Users 242 | Grid Status
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To visit out our lands you need to be able to access the OpenSim HyperGrid, you'll need a FREE viewer application and an account on our grid, the viewer runs on Windows, Mac and Linux.

1. Get a Free Account. Click Here (new window).

2. Download the Firestorm Viewer, that’s like a Web Browser for the Hypergrid – Click Here - Firestorm Viewer – The Phoenix Firestorm Project Inc.

3. You’ll need to go into settings and add our grid

On the menu, Viewer, Preferences, Opensim, Enter http://grid.wolfterritories.org:8002 in the ADD NEW GRID box and click Apply, then you will find the grid on the bottom of your Firestorm viewer in the list – so select Wolf Territories Grid there.

When you go to login – in the box that says “Last Location”, type “Wolf Mountain”

Login and you’ll arrive at the Welcome Area, don’t forget to look out for Lone Wolf